Lexington Restaurants


The president of the Kentucky Restaurant Association says the opening and closing of eateries is part of the hospitality business. 

Lexington has seen its share of restaurants come and go in recent weeks.

A new stage for live music performance in Lexington is about to open. With a new business partner and relocation from North Broadway to a larger space on Southland Drive, “Willie’s Locally Known” is now just days from throwing open the doors.  Tom Martin talks with the “Willie” in ‘Willie’s Locally Known,’ creator, owner and operator, Wilson Sebastian.


This is Environmental Health Professionals Week in Kentucky. Fayette County Health Department inspectors review some 1,700 permitted establishments each year.  Environmental Health Specialist Amy Sullivan says about 60 percent of the health department's reviews occur at restaurants.  She says several are shut down every year.  "Each year there are numerous establishments that do have to be closed for various reasons, whether it's not electricity or not have water," said Sullivan.  "Often times we get reports of a sewage back up in the food preparation area."