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Stu Johnson

An array of Lexington officials is urging area residents to take dog bite prevention tips to heart.  It comes during a national observance of mail carrier related dog bite concerns.

Dogs Quarantined at Lexington Humane Society

Dec 6, 2017
Stu Johnson

Workers at the Lexington Humane Society are continuing with intense cleaning this week.  The animal shelter is closed under a 14 day quarantine of its dogs.

Two dogs succumbed to an aggressive bacterial infection and that led  to the closure.  Senior Manager of Donor Relations Ashley Hammond says everything at the adoption center is being scrubbed.  She says for the time being, strays should be taken to Masterson Station Park.

Sti Johnson

Temperatures are expected to creep back into the 90’s Monday and that can mean a health risk for outdoor pets.  That’s especially the case when humidity levels spike as well. 

Lexington Humane Society Development Manager Ashley Hammond says there’s not a specific temperature for specific dogs when the risk is highest., “If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet. You want to make sure you limit the time that they spend outside if the humidity level is high as well as the temperature is high."

Lexington Officials Offer Pet Preparedness Advice

Jun 16, 2016

In times of disaster, many Kentucky pet owners are hesitant to part with their dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, or other animal. June is National Pet Preparedness Month.  Safety suggestions came Thursday during an event at the Lexington Humane Society.  John Bobel, with the city’s Division of Emergency Management, says during an emergency many people want to take their pets with them.  “If they’re not sure whether or not a shelter or facility has capabilities for their pets, they will stay at home.  And in some cases, that’s very dangerous.”


Lexington Gets Trailers to House Pets During Emergencies

Jun 29, 2015

Lexington's Humane Society has a new option for caring for pets during disasters or other emergencies.  The federal chemical stockpile program has provided funding to the agency for two trailers. 

Lexington Humane Society / Lexington Herald Leader

The Lexington Humane Society has reached its goal of raising $35,000 for a new air-conditioning unit for its dog kennels.