Lexington Center


Lexington Council members now have updated information about private fundraising strategies for a major downtown park project.  Blue Grass Community Foundation’s Allison Lankford offered a report on the Town Branch Park Tuesday. 

The aim is to raise $31 million over a five-year period.    Lexington Businesswoman Ann Baakus is chairing the philanthropic portion of the drive.  She expects officials with the Lexington Center to honor previous verbal agreements about land for the park.  “Cause, they know, if their word isn’t good, they got trouble with me,” said Baakus.


Lexington's Center Corporation officials are requesting proposals to develop the large parking lots across from Rupp Arena. The mixed use project would cover about 17 acres.

Developers are being asked to submit plans for a commercial and possibly residential project.  Lexington Center Corporation President Bill Owen says it would go well with the planned expansion of the convention center.  “Support other uses whether it would be hotel, restaurant, retail, residential.  Whatever it might be that could be ancillary to that convention center project,” said Owen.

 Tom Martin talks with Dave Tatman, executive director of the Kentucky Auto Industry Association. He is also associate vice president for advanced manufacturing at Western Kentucky University. Dave and his team are getting ready for "AutoVision," the association’s annual conference coming to the Lexington Center September 12th and 13th.