Harlan County Judge Dan Mosely

Southeast Kentucky Communities Weigh Flood Damage

Feb 12, 2018

Citizens in nine southeast Kentucky counties are beginning to assess the impact of widespread weekend flooding.  Damage estimates may available by midweek.

Five inches of rain fell over a 24 hour period in portions of  Kentucky.  One of the harder hit counties was Harlan.  County Judge Dan Mosely estimates water got into more than ten homes.  He says residents of the Tremont community were affected. “Basically the tile that goes from a community to the river, the water couldn’t get out because the water was so high,” said Mosely  “And, it create like a dam affect.”

Taxing Coal in Kentucky

Jan 25, 2016

Two bills before the Kentucky House of Representatives would change the way the state taxes coal that’s left in the ground.  They would give exemptions to mineral rights owners if the coal isn’t going to be mined soon.

This “unmined minerals tax” adds up to a substantial amount: in 2014, Kentucky collected more than $39 million. Most of that—$34 million—went to the individual counties where the minerals are. The remainder went to the state.