Estill County

Radioactive Waste Will Stay in Estill County

May 16, 2018

Kentucky’s Energy and Environment Cabinet has approved a plan that will enclose radioactive waste in an Estill County landfill. 

Last week state regulators agreed with operators of the Blue Ridge Landfill that keeping the radioactive waste in the ground is the best way to protect human health and the environment.

Energy and Environment Cabinet spokesman John Mura says digging up the material poses unnecessary health risks to workers and residents. It would also cause blowing dust, foul smells and increased traffic. 


Meeting Planned On Radioactive Dumping In Irvine

Feb 9, 2018
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A citizen's group will hold a public meeting Monday to discuss the proposal  from state environmental officials  for cleaning up radioactive waste dumped in an Estill County landfill in 2015. 

Members of Concerned Citizens of Estill County will explain their preferred methods of dealing with the waste at the Blue Ridge Landfill and answer questions.