Stocks and Securities

To contribute appreciated stocks and securities to the EKU Foundation to benefit WEKU, please contact:
Daniel McGowan,  PNC Bank
Phone: 859-351-4031
Fax: 877-403-9850
Foundation Account Number: 097-489859
 DTC number: 0226
 Foundation federal tax Identification is 61-1131682
Please contact WEKU General Manager, Mike Savage at 859-622-1662/ before or during the transaction and provide us with the following information:
Name of donor(s)
Daytime phone number of donor(s)
Home address of donor(s)
Type of stock and number of shares
Name and phone number of brokerage firm (if transferring stock electronically)
Designation of Gift
This information will ensure accurate gift crediting. A receipt will be sent to you upon review of the stock's valuation.
EKU Foundation policy is to liquidate stock upon receipt.
Real Estate and Tangible Personal Property
When considering a gift of real estate or personal property, please contact the EKU Development Office directly at 859-622-1583. The tax deductibility of these gifts depends, in part, on their value to the educational mission of Eastern Kentucky University. There are additional issues that may need to be addressed, depending on the type of property you wish to transfer. If the gift is valued at more than $5,000, the donor must obtain an independent appraisal prior to transfer to the EKU Foundation. Please make sure to notate that the gift is to benefit WEKU.
Other Planned Gifts
For information on structuring other types of gifts to Eastern Kentucky University, please email us at or call Melinda Murphy directly at 859-622-8090.