WEKU Listener Feedback 6/3/13

Jun 3, 2013

Brad, from Wilmore, e-mailed us, “I have not, do not, and probably will not listen to the new game show programs airing on WEKU.   Except for 'Wait, Wait . . .'  I find these programs, silly, corny, frivolous, and vacuous (without substance)."

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Brad continues, "I prefer to listen to repeats of 'Bob Edwards Weekend' on Saturday and Sunday than the game shows currently scheduled.  “Moth Radio Hour,  Intelligence Squared, Radio Lab” are programs that I welcome hearing more of. "

He goes on to suggest that we continue to broadcast programs with proven quality and appeal and consider returning to classical music on Friday nights.

Keith, of Lexington wrote about severe weather alerts, as relayed by our automated alerting system.

Keith says the messages he has heard are, (quote)  “…nearly unintelligible to a degree that the public-safety mission of these announcements is greatly weakened."  He goes on to say, “I understand fully that WEKU does not produce or record these announcements and that you are probably required by law to carry them as supplied by the National Weather Service."

He points out that the quality of the messages is so bad that it (quoting again) “…leaves the public still exposed to the dangers these announcements are supposed to warn against.”

By way of a brief response, we can’t go into detail here but we are aware of the limitations of this system and the only thing I can say is that we make an effort to relay weather warnings in our own voices whenever we can but sometimes, late at night and on weekends, we have no choice but to provide the automated delivery.

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