WEKU Listener Feedback 3/18/13

Mar 19, 2013

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We had a call from a  very nice gentleman who describes himself as “a night listener.”  He’s unhappy with the lack of overnight classical music on weekends and not a fan of the two food shows back-to-back on Sunday, namely America’s Test Kitchen and the Splendid Table.

He's taken steps to make sure he listens only to WEKU, “My son has taped your station, set it so I can not move from one station to another.   In other words, every time I turn on my radio, I’m going to have your station and none others because he’s tired of re-setting the channel for me from time to time.”

On Facebook, a comment from Peter,  “Please, please bring back 'Says You'. It is painful to listen to 'Ask Me Another' host Ophira Eisenberg straining to be another Peter Sagal.  It ain't gonna happen.  My kids also miss “From the Top,” which was both excellent and inspirational.

We’re getting ready for a fund drive and here are some comments submitted with early-bird pledges:

From Barbourville: “While I enjoy Morning Edition, Bob Edwards, and All Things Considered, I'd love to have the option of more music here in Southeastern Kentucky.”

From Lexington: “In other cities I've lived, I turn on NPR and there is classical music or some folk band playing in the middle of the day. I love that whenever I seem to turn it on during the daytime, when I'm in the car the most, I get quality news and discussion-based programs to keep my attention.”

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