WEKU Listener Feedback 3/11/13

Mar 11, 2013

I mentioned last week that we heard some great comments at the six community meetings we held around the WEKU listening area last month. From our session in Hazard, Adam asked us to consider covering the arts in his community the way we do for Lexington,  “I know you cover a wide area, not just Lexington and Hazard but all around but I’d like to see a lot more of these local events profiled.”

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Mike told us he’s a fan of our weekly re-broadcast of the TV show, Kentucky Tonight, “Best thing I like so far is that you do the KET re-broadcast on Tuesday mornings.”

From the e-mail in-box, Sarah in Lexington, says she is mostly pleased with recent program changes, but adds, “I still really miss Frank Deford on Wednesday mornings. I am not at all a sports person, but I loved my Wednesday drive since I got to hear him. Can he come back?”

We wrote to Sarah, saying that, actually Frank Deford hasn’t gone anywhere. He was on this week and has been in the few previous Wednesdays that I was able to check. But, he’s been airing in the segment between 6:51 and 7:00 am. Since we carry the Marketplace Morning Report at 7:51and 8:51, our listeners are not hearing Frank during the 8:00 hour, where he would normally be. Our suggestion, if you’re unable to listen early, his commentaries are available for listening and reading at NPR dot org.

And finally, Diane, from the Lexington area, writes: “Please bring back Says You, Ask Me Another is so infantile.”

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