WEKU Listener Feedback 1/28/13

Jan 28, 2013

This week, we have some programming recommendations as well as technical concerns.

Anne from Richmond e-mailed that she and her husband Dave love the weekend programming, “…especially the TED Radio Hour and Radio Lab.  We also continue to enjoy This American Life, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, and of course Prairie Home Companion.”

James writes, “Keep The Moth Radio Hour, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and anything involving Terry Gross. I can do without The TED Radio Hour and most word games and puzzles.”

Brad offers programming changes he would make, specifically, “The return of the ‘All Things Acoustic’ program that previously aired on Saturday nights, the addition of “The Thistle and Shamrock” program which aired on WEKU several years ago, and the repeating of the Saturday and Sunday segments of “Bob Edwards Weekend” during the same weekend in which they are broadcast.

Brad would also like us to bring back daytime classical music and make this Friday night program go away:


(Audio Clip from "Snap Judgment")

A brief response for Brad: We dropped All Things Acoustic last summer due to logistical issues but we’ll look into bringing it back, if we can work out the details.  It’s produced in Alabama and always needs editing to make it work on WEKU.

As usual, we’ve had a couple of questions about signal issues: On our sister station, Classic 102.1, some recent disruptions seem to be related to problems with the internet circuit that gets the signal to the transmitter in Lawrenceburg.

Thanks to Karen, from London, and her husband,  we were able to diagnose and fix a disruption in the audio on 88.5 WEKF. We’re grateful whenever our listeners let us know of problems we may not be hearing at the studios in Richmond.

We're thankful for all the comments and encourage you to keep letting us know what you like or what we can do better.

E-mail us at WEKU at EKU.edu. Post on our Facebook page or call our Listener Comment Line 859-622-1657.

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