WEKU Listener Feedback 1/21/13

Jan 21, 2013

Here's a summary of this week's Listener Feedback.  During the past week, comments from our listeners focused mainly on the changes in weekend programming that have now been in effect for two weeks.

One listener, Charles, was very unhappy with the new Friday evening shows, “I’m listening to Wits tonight and they need to add a “t” to the name, “Twits” because it’s just insulting to have this coming over a quality radio station like you all.

You’re still paying for re-runs of Click and Clack. They were ridiculously-priced to begin with, when they were “live” and it’s even more ridiculous that you are squandering your funds on that kind of programming, where it’s a re-run.”

On our website, Margaret suggested, “Get Zorba Paster On Your Health, an excellent informative show.”

By e-mail, Sharon wrote, “From time to time you give some news about Kentucky college basketball teams.  One thing you seem to have forgotten, however, is that all the universities you mention have two teams, a women's team and a men's team. Is it the EKU women or the EKU men who have started out 4-0 in conference play?  I have no idea, because all you said was 'EKU basketball.'  Also, if you're going to cover only one of the UK basketball teams, it really should be the one that's ranked 6th nationally and leads the SEC.”

And finally, from Facebook. From Rebecca commented: “I was very offended by the Prairie Home Companion's take on Les Miserables this evening.”

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We're grateful for all the comments and interested in hearing from you. Please let us know what you like or what we could do better.

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