WEKU Listener Feedback 1/14/13

Jan 14, 2013

A little more than a week ago, we launched a new lineup of weekend programs, beginning with a couple on Friday evenings, namely The Dinner Party and Wits.  Most of the comments we received focused on what we dropped, not what we added to the schedule.

One writer, using the Disqus feature on our website, posted,  "Does this mean Says You is canceled?  I'm sure I'll adjust, but please keep it handy for any future available slots."  Another, "David" asked "No more Says You?"  Say it ain't so."

Bill, from Lexington, e-mailed be directly,   "I note that Says You is no longer on on Sunday afternoon.  I have voiced this opinion before Says You is far superior to Ask Me Another in terms of cleverness and entertainment value."

Bill is a regular listener to our sister station, Classic 102.1 and is concerned about the signal strength in Lexington.  On that topic, we were actually able to respond to a recent problem by noting that our engineer in Lawrenceburg had found it necesary to lower the power for a few days due to a concern about ice on the transmission antenna.   Jerry brought power back up to normal a week ago Friday, so we hope the signal has improved a bit for some of our listeners.

One of our Facebook friends, Tim from Lexington, commented on the new programs, saying, "Wits is super funny."  Another web visitor, Michael, remarked,   "WEKU keeps getting bedderer and bedderer." 

We're interested in your comments and hope to make Listener Feedback a regular weekly feature.  Please let us know what you like and what we could do better in our programming, news, website and social media. Post your comments on our website (below using the Disqus feature)

or Facebook page.  Send an e-mail to weku@eku.edu or call our Listener Comment Line at 859-622-1657.


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