UK Signs Agreement With Alltech

The University of Kentucky has entered into a Master Alliance Agreement with Kentucky-based Alltech for a variety of research-related projects.  The pact allows even closer collaborations between scientists and researchers at the global animal health and nutrition company and their counterparts at UK. Scott Smith, Dean of the UK College of Agriculture, says the partnership signifies a new way forward for research.

“The models that have worked in the past were largely university-based research and development.  They were funded by the U-S Department of Agriculture and other agencies; the models in the future will undoubtedly be very different and one of those models that we would hold up as a key to the success of meeting the challenge of world food supply is exactly what we are talking about here and what we have developed over several years with Alltech and the University of Kentucky.”

Several colleges at UK, including the colleges of Agriculture, Pharmacy, and Medicine, will be involved in the partnership agreement.  Alltech Chief Scientific Officer Karl Dawson believes it will streamline the collaborative research process.; particularly in the areas of agriculture, medical, and biological sciences.

"The neat thing about this particular alliance is that it allows us to work scientist to scientist and allows our people in our laboratories at Alltech as well as those at the University to work very closely together on collaborative studies.  Normally to develop that kind of relationship, it takes a long time to do that, and we’re hoping this will allow us to prevent that in the future and work very closely together.”

The parties hope the agreement leads to research grants in a number of health and nutrition areas like Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes, as well as targeted research and development projects involving students.  The deal is currently worth  $2.5 million but Alltech estimates that will double in value over the next three years.