UK ROTC Cadets Participate In 9/11 Commemoration

Sep 11, 2018

9-11 ROTC Ceremony Tuesday at UK
Credit Stu Johnson

The front lawn of the University of Kentucky campus once again Tuesday became a place to honor victims of the worst terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.

Reactions to the 9-11 events still ring strong 17 years after the twin towers in New York fell, a plane crashed into the Pentagon, and a fourth plane claimed victims in a Pennsylvania field. 

An ROTC cadet read names of those who died in the 9-11 attacks while the lawn in front of UK’s Main building displayed American flags representing the victims on that September 2001 day. UK

Freshman Ethan Hall was one when terrorists struck. While not remembering the tragedy, Hall still carries strong feelings about it. “It was awful, I don’t know that I have many more thoughts than that really. It was just a horrible event. Still talk about it today obviously,”  said Hall.

Elizabethtown Senior ROTC cadet Gabriel Collins was scheduled to participate in the reading. She said she thought it was a wonderful way to, quote, “remember all of those who died, especially now getting further and further away from 2001.”