U of L Administrator Says Student Growth Can Help Offset Funding Issues

Aug 10, 2018

U of L Vice President Greg Postel Addressing Lexington Rotarians
Credit Stu Johnson

University of Louisville Vice President for Health Affairs Greg Postel  envisions growing student populations as a key way to offset reductions in state funding.  

Postel offered his thoughts to Lexington Rotarians Thursday.  Postel says increasing class sizes could be both physical and virtual. “Maybe half and half.  Probably close to half of the increase would be non traditional or on-line students, but students on campus as well.  We’re expecting to see increases in both,” said Postel.

With enough student population growth, Postel says that would also relieve some of the pressure to increase tuition levels.  The U of L administrator also sees more partnerships, working with employers in an effort to produce college grads to meet their employee needs.​

Postel believes the just released NCAA adopted college basketball policy changes provide an avenue for improvement when it comes to player recruitment. 

Afterwards, Postel said the changes in college basketball are sure to prompt further discussion.  “It opens the door to productive dialogue between people who recruit for colleges and people who recruit for professional teams to find good cooperative ways to interact on the recruitment of student athletes.  It will work well if all parties work in concert,” explained Postel.

Postel served as interim president at Louisville.  He was in that position when former U of L basketball coach Rick Pitino and athletics director Tom Jurich were fired following the investigation of a basketball recruiting scandal.