Truck Platooning Measure Moves on to the House

Mar 5, 2018


The Kentucky Senate has passed legislation to allow for the platooning of commercial trucks along the Commonwealth’s interstates.  

Oldham County Senator Ernie Harris says the measure allows electronically connected trucks with drivers to travel together with less than 250 feet between them. “It’s a bill that’s been tested out west, the western part of the U.S. on the long straightaways and it saves gas and it’s basically a drafting bill for trucks to draft behind each other for better fuel efficiency,” explained Harris.

Harris envisions carriers like Fedex and UPS to use this type of platooning technology.  He says interstates 65 and 75 would be the likely avenues for this form of travel.  The Senate Transportation Committee Chair says only two trucks could use this technique upon passage, but might be expanded to more vehicles over time.  “If the technology is there to do that and the transportation cabinet and sign off on the safety part of it, then it could be more than just a couple of trucks, but let’s take this one step at a time,” said Harris.

Harris says agencies like the state police and transportation cabinet would be responsible for safety reviews.