Travelers May Find Kentucky Gas Prices Lower Than Other States

Nov 19, 2018


Holiday travelers may find their stops for gasoline this week in Kentucky a little more to their liking than what they see in other states.  AAA nationally is projecting over 54 million Americans will venture more than 50 miles from home this Thanksgiving.  

Spokesperson  Lori Weaver Hawkins says gas prices in the Commonwealth have been on the decline. “The average gas price dropped 32 cents just over the past month.  Now nationally we’re still a bit above what we were a year ago as far as those planning to travel out of state.  But, it’s still 25 cents less, on average than what we saw a month ago,” she noted.

She says the falling gas prices can be partly attributed to good crude oil inventory levels and a delay in the fall drop of prices.  Some Lexington area gas prices were at two dollars 11 cents over the weekend.  Prices shouldn't dip below $2.

The vast majority of Kentuckians will make their trips by road.  So, AAA suggests giving your vehicle a good going over.  “Most of the calls are usually having to do with dead batteries or flat tires so those are two areas to really check out.  If your battery is going on three years of age or older, you definitely should probably get that tested by a professional before you hit the highway,” she says,

In the central Kentucky region alone, there were more than 1500 calls to help stranded motorists last year.