Top 10 KY Stories for 2013 on Eastern Standard

Dec 15, 2013

The Top 10 Kentucky News Stories of 2013. What do you believe are the top stories of the past year? Send us your list by email to:, leave a voice message at 859-622-1657 or post on our Facebook Page.

Guests: Charles Compton, WEKU News Director; Stu Johnson, WEKU reporter; Peter Baniak, editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader

Let us know your top 10 news stories for 2013. Call 859-622-1657, send an email to: or post on the WEKU Facebook Page

Here's the list prepared by the WEKU News Department and presented during the show.  These are not ranked in any particular order but we'd be glad to see your comments about them and any rankings you would like to assign.

-         Natural Gas Liquids “Bluegrass Pipeline.”
-         Kentucky’s health insurance exchange and Medicaid expansion.
-         LRC/Arnold Sexual Harassment.
-         Affordable Housing Fund in Lexington
-         Fairness Ordinances/Same Sex Marriage/Domestic Partner benefits in Lexington.
-         Coal’s demise and its economic/environmental impacts.
-         2014 Senate Race preliminaries: Matt Bevin’s Tea Party challenge, the political cost of Mitch’s budget
          compromise/government shutdown. Allison Lundergan Grimes and Ashley Judd.
-         HEMP debate/legislation.
-         Change in state Senate leadership.
-         Expanded gambling (and education funding).
-         Penal code revision and Kentucky’s shrinking prison population.
-         Bridge projects in Louisville and Covington.
-         Revival of the automotive industry.
-         Redistricting 

Here's a list of stories as ranked by listener Rebecca, which we shared during the show:

1. China's muscle flexing in South China Sea. Bodes that the US will be facing a pushy & formidable power in coming decades.
2. Shutdown of NASA shuttle & rise of private space flight, like Branson's Virgin Galactic.
3. Obamacare web fiasco.
4. Coal isn't being picked on by the EPA. It's time has passed; like the "buggy whip" it can't compete in a changing business, economic and technological environment.