Third Gun Incident in Three Weeks at Fayette County Schools

Nov 1, 2017


Fayette County officials are alerting parents at Crawford Middle school of two guns brought to the campus Wednesday.  It marked the third time in just over two weeks guns had been discovered on Lexington school grounds.

In an email to parents of students at Crawford Middle School Principal Mike Jones said two unloaded firearms were brought to school Wednesday.  One was an antique revolver and the other a handgun.  Ammunition was recovered separately.  Two students have been charged with unlawful possession of a weapon on school property.  An unrelated investigation revealed another student had an unloaded BB gun on the premises.  

On October 17th, school officials notified parents at Bryan Station Middle School about an eighth grader bringing a loaded gun to school.  The investigation determined the student had no intent to use the gun at there. 

And two weeks ago, an 11th grader at Lexington’s Learning Center had an unloaded shotgun in his truck parked at school.