Still Repeating On the Media, Advice for Traffic & Thanks for Not Fundraising Like Public TV

Mar 16, 2015

Here’s an anonymous call from the WEKU Listener Comment Line. (male caller) “It’s about 4:30 in the afternoon here and I’ve heard this every Saturday, for the last three weekends, I know for sure.”

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For those who heard our feedback last week, this is especially embarrassing, since we’ve now allowed the same episode of On the Media to air three weeks in a row.

As I mentioned last week, it was originally an error by the producer in New York, failing to properly date the computer audio files.  This week, it is clearly our fault and WILL NOT happen again.

Also from the comment line, here’s a call from Lee in Lexington, “When you announce a road closure, delay, obstruction, accident or whatever, that’s not on I-75, you announce first the road, then the direction, then the county and then landmarks. However, when the obstruction is on Interstate 75, you first give the mile-marker, then you give the county, then you give the direction and then you finally get to, ‘It’s on I-75.’ Please, give us the information in (the order) in which we need it.”

Another  listener, choosing to remain anonymous, emailed referring to fundraising on public TV, “I'm very thankful that your fund drives are actually almost pleasant to listen to.  Thank you for leaving on your usual schedule of shows when it's time to ask for money, and not putting on absolute garbage instead.  Your fund drives remind me that there's a community of listeners out there who all care about public radio and WEKU.  (Public TV’s) drives just make me want to change the channel.”

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