State Lawmakers Attend Sexual Harassment Seminar Amid Scandal

Jan 3, 2018

While the legislature debated the future of Jeff Hoover, who is accused of sexual harrassment, there was a mandatory sexual harrassment training session in Frankfort.
Credit LRC.GOV

Kentucky Lawmakers attended a mandatory sexual harassment prevention session today (Wed), a day after the House speaker announced he wouldn’t resign his seat amid a harassment scandal.

Rep. Joni Jenkins, a Democrat from Louisville, said lawmakers took the training session more seriously than in previous years. 

“Maybe less laughter in the room.” 

Last fall, House Speaker Jeff Hoover and three other Republican lawmakers signed a confidential settlement with a former staffer who accused them of sexual harassment. 
Hoover said he would resign his leadership position after the allegations came to light, but on Tuesday said he was reconsidering the move. 

Gov. Matt Bevin has called for Hoover and other lawmakers implicated in the scandal to step down from elected office. 

Before the training session, Hoover said Bevin was “very misinformed.”