State Agriculture Officials Back Trump Cabinet Pick

Jan 23, 2017

Ryan Quarles
Credit Kentucky Department of Agriculture

State agriculture officials believe President Donald J. Trump’s pick to serve as United State Secretary of Agriculture will benefit Kentucky farmers.  The new president selected former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue to head the federal agency.

 The chief of staff in the state agriculture commissioner’s office, Keith Rogers, said the farming landscape in Georgia is similar to that in the Bluegrass .  “Georgia has long been known as a poultry state.  It is a strong industry now with poultry in Kentucky being our number one agriculture commodity,” Rogers said.

 Rogers said a major piece of legislation is scheduled for consideration next year.  “Congress will be taking up the reauthorization of the farm bill, federal farm policy that guides our crop insurance, our risk management tools, our conservation programs and all the other program activities that the federal government’s involved in with food and agriculture,” explained Rogers.

 The chief of staff said Commissioner Ryan Quarles, who was in Washington last week for inaugural events, reached out Friday to Perdue.  The one-time veterinarian must still ​be confirmed by the Senate.