Special Session On Pension System Unlikely

Dec 6, 2017

Gov. Matt Bevin might not get a special session before 2018.
Credit Kentucky.com

State legislators say a special session to discuss Kentucky’s ailing pension system probably won’t happen this year. 

Gov. Matt Bevin suggested a special session to address the state’s pension in November. It’s currently one of the most underfunded systems in the nation. But in a WEKU news special Tuesday, Democratic State Senator Morgan McGarvey said a special session now would waste taxpayer dollars. 

Republican Representative. Jerry Miller, also a guest on the show, agreed. 

McGarvey said Dec. 11 and Dec. 18 are the only possible dates remaining in 2017 for a special session, but he doubts the call will be made by then. The legislators convene for their regular session Jan. 2.

Lawmakers say some of Governor Matt Bevin’s proposals for reforming Kentucky’s pension system might not go through. 

One of Bevin’s proposals requires workers to pay 3 percent of their salaries to the retiree health system, and another freezes teachers’ cost of living adjustments for five years. Republican Representative

Jerry Miller says lawmakers are backing away from those proposals, but said the 401k-style retirement plan will likely stay. 
“There’s some very narrow exceptions likely to be made. But largely, that will not be asked of teachers.”