Simple Precautions Make A Big Difference with Hep A During Derby Weekend

May 4, 2018

If you are going to be around people or food this Derby weekend be smart.

As folks across the commonwealth gather for the Greatest 2 Minutes in Sports , health officials say hand washing is the best bet to prevent Hepatitis A. 

The serious threat of an outbreak has a pretty simple solution. 

Jill Keys is an expert on infectious diseases at the Lexington Fayette County Health Department. Large gatherings of people sharing food and drink in close space creates a prime environment for spreading Hep A. But as she says, repeatedly, if you are going to be around people or food or both this Derby weekend be smart. 
Good hand washing is also extremely important, if you are going to be preparing good, make sure you have good hand washing, if you are are going to be eating or serving food, hand washing, if are going to be in large crowds hand washing is really important.” 
So, to recap.

The single most step in preventing Hep A this festive weekend? Wash your hands. 
With soap and water. 

Keys also said  a new state law requires that all school children be vaccinated against Hep A. Grown ups should explore their options as well.

“Now is the time to get your child vaccinated, to go ahead and get that first does if they have not been vaccinated. If you need to be vaccinated, check with your insurance to see if it covers it. There are lots of places to get the vaccine. It’s important to get vaccinated.” 

More than 500 cases of the acute liver disease have been reported in the region since August 2017.