Series Of New Laws Go Into Effect This Week

Jul 10, 2018


Drivers will need to maintain a three-foot buffer when they pass bicyclists, health educators will be required to teach sex abstinence in public schools and sweeping changes to Kentucky’s adoption and foster care system are all part of new state laws that go into effect on Saturday. 

One of the most high-profile laws that passed out of the legislature this year—changes to pension benefits of state workers—has been blocked by a court and will not take effect on Saturday, as scheduled. Gov. Matt Bevin has indicated he’ll appeal that ruling. 
One of the new laws is a change to open records policy for police body cameras. Footage that shows the interior of private homes, medical facilities, jails and prisons, or a nude body, dead body or a child will be exempted from open records requests. 

Also a ban on child marriage goes into effect-- 16 and 17 year-olds will no longer be allowed to get married with parental permission, and children younger than 16 will no longer be able to get married as long as they’re pregnant. 

In all, the legislature passed 197 bills during this year’s General Assembly.