Senate Panel Hears from Groups in support of Freezing Kentucky’s Gas Tax

Feb 4, 2015

Local government and business representatives testify before Senate Committee
Credit Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Concerns about Kentucky's dwindling gas tax got a full review during a senate legislative committee Wednesday.  The major worry from state lawmakers and local government leaders is how the drop in revenue effects the commonwealth’s road construction and maintenance fund. 

The legislature is considering a bill that would freeze the tax at its current rate.  Kentucky Chamber of Commerce President Dave Adkisson says the dip in revenue also effects business interests.  "There's a reason Toyota is located here.  There's a reason that UPS picked the Louisville airport because of that central location,” said Adkisson. “But that only works for us, if we have the ability to move goods in and out of our state and around within our state."

In addition to the Kentucky Chamber, lawmakers also heard from county and city government representatives.  Charles Zoller  is with the conservative group Take Back Kentucky. He testified that a fluctuating rate is difficult to budget.  "We should be doing our budgeting upon the known fixed rate, not a fluctuating rate because the price can go up and the price can go down," said Zoller.

Republican Senate Senator Jared Carpenter, of Madison County, says the price of paving roads continues to climb as well.  Carpenter says he's yet to decide about the best way to deal with road fund issues.  Committee members did not vote on the measure Wednesday.​