Senate GOP Majority Caucus Stages Retreat in Berea

Nov 30, 2017

Credit Stu Johnson

The president of the Kentucky senate says a special legislative session on pension reforms could still happen between now and the end of December.  Robert Stivers admits the window of opportunity for a likely five day session is closing a bit day by day.

Stivers along with other GOP senate leaders are in Berea for a majority caucus retreat. 

Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer says a modified and what he terms “watered down” pension proposal would pass the 38 member senate.  The Scott County lawmaker says he doesn’t have a read on House support right now. “If they think a pension vote is tough wait til the 15% across the board cut in the state budget comes their way, if we don’t get something done on pensions.  That’s going to be a really tough vote because there’s going to be a lot more people upset about that,” said Thayer.

The senate leaders met with Eastern Kentucky University officials yesterday.  Berea Senator Jared Carpenter said EKU’S examination of transitioning Model Lab School to a charter school is worthwhile, especially as it relates to efforts to building a new Model lab facility.