School Safety Measures Stressed as School Year Begins

Aug 8, 2018


The majority of Kentucky school districts are seeing students returning to class this week and next.  Many of those students are experiencing new safety measures or will see them this school year.

Kentucky Center for School Safety Director Jon Akers says these safety improvements are being funded in a variety of ways including private money in Laurel County. “You have an attorney down there who is donating money and getting monies that are donated from the community.  Some communities are trying to put a tax, such as what Fayette County is doing,” said Akers.

Akers says additional safety measures include metal detectors, new alarms on exterior doors, and more counseling.  The Center for School Safety director says almost 300 school threats came following last January’s Marshall County school shooting.  “We’re asking the parents please monitor your kids’ cell phones.  Find out what sites they’re on, Instagram, snap chat, whatever.  And find out if there’s some information in there that school officials might need to know and law enforcement officials as well,” added Akers.

Akers says some school systems are taking students to court over prank school threats.  He says parents also need to be held responsible for their kids’ actions.​