School Resource Officers Say Social Media Issues Loom Large

Jun 14, 2016



School Resource Officers from across Kentucky are meeting at Eastern Kentucky University.  They are being briefed on everything from constitutional rights of students to social media trends.

Bob Couchman works on social media issues in Madisonville schools.  He says part of that effort focuses on being well-acquainted with devices to access social media sites.  He says, once students are fully entrenched in social media, it’s hard to rein-in their use.  “It’s up to a parent to decide whether or not they should let that child continue that social media realm or not.  You’re right, the door is open,” said Couchman.  “How do you close it?  Well, it’s got to be filtered.”

Couchman says he investigates child exploitation through social media means.  It’s something the school resource officer says is a very big issue and growing larger.  Madison County school resource officer Bill Eckler says the conference helps to keep all education related law enforcement on the same sheet of music as to what can and can’t be done to better ensure safe school campuses.​