The Republican Party of Kentucky Gives Update On Fancy Farm Plans

Jul 22, 2017
Originally published on July 21, 2017 3:01 pm

The annual Fancy Farm political picnic in Graves County next month will see no shortage of GOP presence.

That’s according to the Republican Party of Kentucky Communications Director Tres Watson. He said west Kentucky has been good to the party in recent years and has flipped many seats. Watson said Republicans speakers will reflect on the party’s recent accomplishments.

“The victories that we had last year, especially at the state house level.  And what all we were able to accomplish this past general assembly session for the state. Especially passing policies that are helping aid in job creation.” Watson said.

Governor Matt Bevin has said he will not attend the event. Bevin’s political rival Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear has confirmed he will be in attendance. Beshear was notably absent from last year’s event, which Bevin attended. Watson said Beshear won’t go unresponded to just because Bevin is skipping this year’s Fancy Farm Picnic. Watson said he believes Republicans speaking at the event will take on Beshear.

“I suspect you’d see some stuff from the party talking about the Attorney General. Especially his conflicts of interest." Watson said.

A release from the party states “With Governor Bevin, the University of Louisville, or numerous businesses, Beshear has a long list of conflicts of interest that he is unwilling or unable to admit to.” Beshear has likewise questioned a recent ethics panel’s dismissal of complaints over Bevin’s alleged relationship with a political appointee and his Louisville home.

Watson said to expect Congressman James Comer, agriculture commissioner Ryan Quarles and state auditor Mike Harmon. He said others are still awaiting confirmation.

The picnic is on August 5.


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