Repairs Underway on EKU Pedway

Sep 15, 2016

Reconstruction work is progressing on a pedestrian walkway adjacent to the campus of Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond. A contractor hopes to see the affected roadway reopen next week.

Credit Stu Johnson

A commercial truck with a raised hydraulic lift plowed into the overhead walkway Friday.  Danny Price is Vice President of Contractor E.C. Matthews. He says removal work this week will hopefully pave the way for re-opening a portion of Lancaster Avenue next week.

EKU Associate Vice President for Facilities Paul Gannoe says the wedged-in truck was pulled out yesterday.  “When we pulled the truck out, the beam didn’t deflect.  It’s shored properly so the truck came out pretty uneventfully.  Thank goodness.  We’ll all really happy about that,” said Gannoe.

While this section of street could reopen relatively soon, Gannoe says it could be more than a month before the pedway is completed restored and open for students to walk through it.​