Renewed revenue worries restrict Budget Writers

May 14, 2013

Lexington Councilmember Chuck Ellinger
Credit Lexington Urban County Government.

If they’re not careful, Lexington’s budget writers say their expenses could outrun city revenues.  The council’s now reviewing the mayor’s spending plan for next year.  Council member Chuck Ellinger says there’s no guarantee Lexington will collect enough tax money to cover their costs.

“We need to be conservative with our revenue projections because if we put higher than we think then we’re gonna be adding stuff that we can’t do in the budget and we’ll have to be cutting later,” said Ellinger.

In proposing his 20-14 budget plan, Lexington’s mayor assumed a four percent increase in city revenues.  Finance Commissioner Bill Omara  agrees, with an uncertain global economy, there are risks.  But, Omara’s also comfortable with their projections.

“We feel that some growth is appropriate.  Lexington has shown that they can grow and we do feel that we’re in that growth spurt starting over.  But the yellow flashing light is still there,” said Omara.

The council’s review of the city budget will continue for a few more weeks.  A final vote is scheduled for late June.