Record Day Celebration in Lexington

Apr 20, 2012

In the year 2012, the ‘download’ remains the predominant format in music sales.  However, the owner of a Lexington independent music business says vinyl continues to make a move on compact discs.  The fifth annual Record Store Day celebration will be held tomorrow.  Pops Resale owner, Daniel Shorr says record sales are going well.  “To show the fact that records not only aren’t dead..they’re really quite alive and vibrant..they’re on track hopefully this year to surpass c-d sales,” said Shorr.

Shorr says his store in Lexington has about 75 thousand used records.  He says vinyl sales have increased every year since the business opened in the spring of 1996.    Special vinyl offerings will be available at Pops Resale and C-D Central in Lexington.  Live music will be also a part of the celebration at each store.