Rand Paul meets With Local Businesses To Discuss Health Associations

Jul 18, 2017
Originally published on July 17, 2017 5:46 pm

  Senator Rand Paul has been traveling around the state to speak with local business leaders about joining health associations. The Bowling Green Republican said Monday that’s the best option for businesses and individuals if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

  Senator Paul is a vocal opponent of the ACA, but is also opposed to the current Republican effort to replace the law. He spoke to local business owners about joining  health associations in a closed meeting in Bowling Green. He said allowing small groups of businesses to join these larger insurance pools will lower rates for everyone. Paul insisted that at least some of those who are left uninsured by repealing the ACA would still get government help.


“For those who are truly disabled, those who cannot work, and those who need health care. We've always taken care of them and we will find a way.” Paul said.


Paul said he wants businesses and individuals to have more freedom of choice when it comes to health care.


“I think if we let people band together across the country I think we could transform the situation. It wouldn't be a lot of government money it would be basically be just legalizing the formation of these associations.” Paul said.


Paul said he doesn’t want to encourage able bodied people who can work to rely on government insurance or assistance. He said health associations are the best hope for individuals and small business to keep their rates low and be protected against higher rates because of preexisting conditions.

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