Rains from Cindy Coming to Kentucky

Jun 23, 2017

Credit kentucky.com

Heavy rains are likely to be widespread across many sections of Kentucky during the next day or so. 

Remnants of tropical storm Cindy could mean upwards of four inches of rain in the Bluegrass area. 

John Bobel with Lexington’s Emergency Management agency says, if you live in a flood prone area, your basement could see water.

“Get stuff out of the basement or the lower levels of their home or put it up on blocks because there may be the chance that there will be some low lying flooding from this rain event,” said Bobel.

Flash-flooding can affect travel by vehicle and by foot.  Bobel says, if the road markings in the middle of the road are not visible, water pooling could be occurring. 

He says too many people still attempt to pass through water-pooled areas on roadways.  “Once you’ve stalled that car, it’s not going to move any place,” noted Bobel.  “So, now you’re stuck in the car, with water potentially rising.”

The public information officer says it’s best to turn around and find another route.