Probe's Landing on the Comet Catching Attention in Kentucky

Nov 13, 2014


The European space probe landing on a comet is hitting home in central Kentucky.   Watching it with interest is Suzanne Smith at the University of Kentucky.  She heads the NASA Kentucky space Grant Consortium.  Smith says one of the students involved in Kentucky's NASA program spent the past summer overseas at the European Space Agency.   "I bet that she was involved with or met some of the people that were involved with this project and is truly excited for them and celebrating along with them as is everyone else," said Smith.

Smith says her interest is in motion and dynamics, so reaching the comet at just the right speed is quite interesting.  She says the long term pay off for this type of scientific research is hard to determine.   "So the payoff in our day to day life could be a lot of different ways.  We could understand a lot more about natural resources that we find on our planet based on understanding old remnants from our solar system," added Smith.

She hopes information on this probe landing will spur more young people to take more of any interest in science and math.​