Prayer In Action Days Renewed at State Capitol

Jan 9, 2018

Credit Stu Johnson

For a second year, the Kentucky Council of Churches is sponsoring “Prayer in Action Days” at the state Capitol throughout the general assembly session.  A kickoff event took place Tuesday in the capitol rotunda.

Kentucky Council of Churches Director Donald K Gillett told those gathered the ecumenical organization represents 11 Christian faiths and 1,100 churches.  Council President and Berea Union Church Pastor Kent Gilbert says unity is possible even among those with differing theologies. “We have docs and doctrines which divide us.  We meet in different buildings all over the country, all over the Commonwealth.  But, when we come together around issues that matter to all of us, then I think we actually see the blossoming of our faith,” said Gilbert.


Gilbert says members of congregations met with lawmakers on a variety of issues last session.  Prayer in Action Days will be held over the next several Tuesdays and will focus on issues like justice reform, healthcare, and gun violence.