Plant Groundbreaking Helps Reinforce Economic Recovery

Jul 7, 2014


An economics researcher says a groundbreaking for an aluminum plant in western Kentucky sends a bigger message about economic recovery.  Governor Steve Beshear, who was joined by other public and private sector officials, broke ground last week on a $150 million dollar aluminum production plant in Bowling Green. 

Center for Business and Economic Research Director Chris Bolinger says this project comes with a well-thought-out investment plan.  "And so, they're not gonna locate a plant here, and invest, it's a lot of money, in a plant that then isn't gonna have a good outlet for its product," said Bolinger.

Bolinger hopes the large investment in aluminum production inspires other industries to move forward with projects in Kentucky.  Bolinger believes the event reaffirms optimism in the economic recovery.  "This is really the kind of investment that we've been waiting to see happen nationally.  Companies saying ok, things are back on track, people are buying again, we're gonna expand, we're gonna invest, we're gonna take part in this recovering economy," added Bolinger.

Construction is slated to begin this summer.  It will employ some 80 workers. ​