Placement of Confederate Statues Next on Lexington Agenda

Oct 20, 2017

Confederate Soldier Monument at Lexington Cemetery
Credit Stu Johnson

Negotiations continue between local government and Lexington cemetery to finalize the relocation of two statues representing Confederate Civil War figures.

Interest in a resolution was heightened with this week’s removal of the two images from the grounds of the historic Old Courthouse.

The bronze likenesses of John Breckinridge and John Hunt Morgan are being stored at an undisclosed location.  They were hoisted off their bases Tuesday night. 

Negotiations between Lexington government and the cemetery have been ongoing for a few months.   

Vice Mayor Steve Kay doesn’t anticipate the storage of the two statues to be long-term.

“I would expect it to be sooner rather than later.  We don’t want to keep these statues in storage,” said Kay.  “We want them to be in an appropriate place.”

Cemetery attorney Mark Burton would not comment about how negotiations are proceeding.  Kay says if an agreement with the cemetery can’t be ironed out, it would be back to square one to look at other options.