Pike County Senator Ask Two Governors for Help with Waterway

Sep 13, 2018


Credit parks.ky.gov

An eastern Kentucky senator is calling upon the governors of Kentucky and Virginia to seek more federal money to clean up a Pike County lake. 

Pikeville Senator Ray Jones’ plea to Governor Bevin and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam comes in connection with a long standing trash and debris problem at Fishtrap Lake.  Kermit West Virginia resident Chad Chaffin has fished off land around the lake, but not taken his boat onto the waterway. “I just was afraid that the later it gets in the evening or early in the morning, you know you can’t see that well on the lake.  I was always just afraid that I’d tear my boat all to pieces,” said Chaffin.

In his letters to the two men, Jones says tourism benefits could come with a cleaner Pike County waterway.  Chad Chaffin agrees the lake could see much more activity if persistent debris issues are addressed.  “It would because when it’s clean, it’s a real pretty lake.  The water is real clear, probably one of the clearest lakes in our area,” noted Chaffin.

Brian Maka with the Army Corps of Engineers says the debris issue is not new to the 50 year old Fishtrap Lake.  He says it is routinely cleaned up with special watercraft.  Maka says about 85% of the problem is natural debris with 15% house hold garbage.