Performance Based Funding Heading To A Vote

Feb 22, 2017


Legislation that would change how Kentucky’s public universities are funded is moving to the full Senate. The Appropriations and Revenue Committee easily approved a performance-based funding measure Tuesday.

 While backing the bill, Campbellsville senator and university professor Max Wise said basing a part of funding on improving retention rates is a tall order.

 “With college students today, retention rates and just trying to maintain every year the same retention rates that you have is so difficult.  They want a new college dormitory built. They want a cafeteria expansion.  They want brand new wi-fi,” he said.

Bill sponsor David Givens said all state funding will flow through the outcomes-based model.  But, he said the greatest fluctuation in funding will likely be in areas of graduation rates and number of degrees earned. 

Givens said that category, which recognizes science and math grads, under-represented minorities and low income students, represents 35% of the entire pool of money.

Givens said all university presidents have signed on to the plan.  He doesn’t anticipate any significant changes.

Council on Postsecondary Education President Bob King told senators creating the performance-based funding plan was a difficult process.  He added “everybody had to compromise something.”