Nuclear Waste Bill Passes In Kentucky Senate

Mar 2, 2017


Proponents of nuclear power are hoping the seventh time is a charm at Kentucky's capitol.  The state Senate voted Wednesday to lift a moratorium preventing the storage of nuclear waste in the commonwealth. 

That action is viewed as opening the door to future nuclear reactor construction. Bill sponsor Danny Carrol admits, even with passage of this bill, such a project could be a decade away.

“I believe that the market will dictate when it’s time to build a nuclear reactor in the state of Kentucky,” he said. “ It’s no secret for it to be efficient, it’s going to have to be done in such a manner, and developed in such a manner, deployed in such a manner, that it’s going to be competitive with the other resources we have in the state.”

Carrol, who is from Paducah, is optimistic the nuclear power bill will be considered by the House.  That’s something that hasn’t happened during the last six years. 

Frankfort Senator and former governor Julian Carrol voted "no."  He said memories of radioactive waste issues at Maxey Flats, Ky. in the 1970’s remain with him today, “I’m just not particularly fond of storing nuclear waste anywhere in Kentucky. “