New School Year, Same Job Market

Aug 22, 2011

Monday found fairly a consistent flow of students into Richmond’s book stores.  Classes resume this week at a number of state universities across the Commonwealth. The job market is on the minds of many of the college students. If all goes as she plans, Lancaster Junior Sarah Elliot will graduate next year from Eastern Kentucky University with a nursing degree.  Then, Elliot hopes to work for a Lexington hospital.  Despite the slow economy, the health industry is relatively health.  Still, Elliot worries job seekers may soon flood the healthcare professions.

“And a lot of people are saying, Hey the medical field is the way because people are always gonna get sick.  Well, everybody thinks that, so it’s not a secret anymore.  Everybody is going that route,” said Elliiot.

At Eastern Kentucky University,  Maysville senior Tyler Allen is earning a degree in sports management.

“I think it’s going to be tough for any profession.  It’s going to be tough and the more educated you are, the better off you are.  So, that one’s reason why I’m coming back to get my master’s,” added Allen.

Richmond resident Loraine Bicknell has a grandson starting college in Tennessee and a granddaughter who recently graduated from the University of Kentucky.  Bicknell’s relatively confident her grandson will find a job when he completes his studies.

“Maybe not for what he is going to go into, but yeah I’m sure there is going to be something.  I have a granddaughter who just go her master’s.  She graduated from UK and she’s having a hard time trying to find something in her field,” said Bicknell.

Bicknell the current state of the economy is depressing.  She’s experienced it firsthand with her family’s efforts to sell their home.