New Fiber Optic Network Growing In Lexington

Aug 28, 2018

Credit Stu Johnson

The installation and activation of a fiber optic network in Lexington is proceeding.  Lexington Mayor Jim Gray joined Metro Net company officials Tuesday to publicly celebrate high speed internet service to more than 300 people thus far.  

Gray says this project is all about, quote, “a modern economy.” “It puts us in a remarkably more competitive position, bringing businesses to Lexington, serving the businesses that are here today and individuals,” said Gray.

Metro Net Lexington General Manager Darrick Zucco says activation began in the Andover and Hamburg area.  He says other parts of Lexington will be activated simultaneously in the months ahead.  “We’re building three other huts around the city and we’ll be able to strategically release neighborhoods all over the city in the next three to four months so it’s not just in one concentrated area,” noted Zucco.

Citywide installation is expected to take close to three years.  Lexington Mayor Jim Gray announced the firm’s $70 million investment last November as a competitor for Spectrum, the only existing cable firm at the time.