National Science Foundation Grant Aimed at Reaching Appalachian Grad Students

Dec 21, 2014


A 559 thousand dollar grant from the National Science Foundation could benefit several UK math graduate students from Appalachia.   University officials today announced details of the Graduate Scholars in Mathematics program.   First generation and Appalachian students are being urged to apply. 

Principal Investigator Peter Perry says this funding will provide a ripple effect in math education.  "We'll have a new generation of educators in mathematics that will support the very critical enterprise of getting more students better educated in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics," said Perry.

Perry says the spin-off effect could benefit the eastern Kentucky economy.  "That's certainly a part of what we want to do.  Better STEM education makes for better careers, makes for a more vibrant economy and we certainly want to do our part to help," added Perry.

The new program will be launched next fall.  The funding will be dispersed through July of 2019 and is expected to benefit 25 to 30 students. ​