National Panel Releases Revised Prostate Cancer Screening Recommendations

May 9, 2018


A report this week makes new recommendations about prostate cancer screening.  A past president of the Kentucky Urological Association sees the screenings as beneficial.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force stresses that healthy men 55 to 69 with no family history of prostate cancer should consult with their doctors about whether they should undergo screening.  Lexington Urologist Dr. Charles Ray suggests yearly PSA blood tests along with in-office exams to detect cancers early.  He admits such tests can cause anxiety and, sometimes, avoidance. “There certainly are individuals understandably that due to fear of medical conditions, cancer being one of the primary issues that, as a result they’ve just chosen to avoid evaluation,” said Ray.

Ray says progress has been made in the surgical treatment of prostate cancer, including the use of robot technology and other techniques to lower risks of urinary control problems or sexual dysfunction.