Morehead Pride Organizer Pleased with Inaugural Fest

Aug 29, 2016


The executive director of Morehead Pride says he was particularly pleased at the number of young people who attended the town’s first festival to celebrate the LGBT community. 

David Moore says there were activities all day long, some put on by other organizations, "I think it’s important for Eastern Kentucky because a lot of time you feel like you don’t really have that support, but you actually do, so it’s important to show visibility and have some awareness for that here." 

Moore says there was one protester at the festival.  It was a year ago when Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis garnered international attention as she refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. 

Moore says it’s important to remember one person doesn’t speak for everyone.  “There are people who are conservative, a lot of them will leave people alone and let them have their lives and that’s what I was trying to show because I have a lot of friends who are Christian, who are conservative, and they don’t treat people that way.  I know that’s not how our region is,” noted Moore.

Moore says there are already plans for a second Morehead Pride Festival.  He says next year's may well be moved to October when cooler conditions are likely. ​