Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense Keeping Close Tabs on State General Assembly

Mar 5, 2018


Representatives of a Kentucky organization seeking to reduce gun violence are keeping close tabs on the state general assembly. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is making its presence known at the state capitol.

Women and men wearing red shirts are tracking the work of legislative committees.  Several representatives attended the House Judiciary Committee the week following the Florida school shooting.  One of the Moms Demanding Action was Laura Johnsrude of Prospect. “We have had an outpouring of people wanting to join our group and I’m sure other groups too, interested in common sense policies to decrease the incidence of gun violence,” said Johnsrude.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Joe Fischer says about 15 gun related bills are before his committee.   “It’s unlikely that we’ll get to those bills this session, but I think we need to have a discussion over the summer, the interim, to look at gun policy throughout the state,” explained Fischer.

Joe Fischer predicts gun restrictions of any kind will be difficult to pass in Kentucky anytime soon.