Media Coverage For Breeders Cup Included International Attention

Nov 2, 2015



Reporters and photographers from around the world came to Keeneland last week.  Among them was Ron Flatter. Flatter is a freelance radio reporter from California, who currently lives in New York, and works for Australia’s Racing and Sport Network. 

Flatter says an early morning walk near the Keeneland barns made an impression on him.  “And the sun started to come up and you see these rolling green hills and forever real estate that looks like horse heaven," he said. "And oh, by the way, there’s a race track in the middle of it.  I was slack jawed for several minutes as the sun was rising."

While it was his first visit to Keeneland, Flatter’s covered eight previous Breeders Cup Championships.   He says horse racing certainly makes its mark in the land down under.  “In terms of the gambling and the betting, it’s a season unto itself for about two months a year that is the sport," he said. "We go through the baseball, football, basketball cycle, their cycle goes cricket, whatever codes of different football they have, and then racing." 

Flatter says it's currently peak racing season in Australia.  The Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most prestigious Thoroughbred racing event takes place Tuesday. ​