Mayor Jim Gray Tweets: Lexington Continues to Welcome All

Jan 30, 2017

Following a weekend of reactions to President Donald Trump’s executive order limiting immigration into the U.S, Lexington’s mayor says the city will continue welcoming those who come into the community. 

Mayor Jim Gray responded by Twitter to President Trump's executive order on immigration

Mayor Jim Gray reacted to the nationwide and international controversy in a series of tweets, beginning with the comment that (quote) “The President's actions have created unnecessary anxiety and unrest.His poorly developed plan divides the American people.”

The Democratic mayor continued, saying “The President should focus instead on the core mission of defending our country against terrorism” and that “America is a nation of immigrants, and all of our people make our country great.”

Gray concluded his series of four Twitter messages on the topic, saying (quote) “In Lexington, we will continue welcoming everyone who comes here, from near or far, regardless of religion or nationality.”